These updates really aren’t all that big or important, but I haven’t been great about updating (again), so this will be the first of a series of several posts that are outdated but bear appearance on this blog.

These are all from our writer’s weekend away in Letterfrack. Letterfrack is a small town in Connemara nestled at the base of Diamond Hill that has the unfortunate history of child abuse, which can be read about here. Aside from that dark cloud over its head, however, its a lovely place and we all had a fantastic weekend overall.

We were there the weekend preceding Connemara Sea Week, so there were several trad events the weekend we were there. We did still manage to get through quite a bit of workshop material, and hike up Diamond Hill (pictured here). It was a great bonding experience for the MA in Writing program.

We also discovered the delicious Connemara whiskey, and I was bought one of my drinks by the bartender because I’d been bussing our tables all night. He said, “let me buy you this one, since you’ve basically been doing my job all night.” Sometimes, it actually pays to be nice.